As a licensed Customs Broker, and and AUthorised Economic Operator (LO) under the Indian CUstoms, we have been offering a wide variety of services to help our clientele with their Import and Export Customs Clearances. As custom brokers, we ensure timely completion of customs formalities to effect cargo dispatch to our clients. At Delta, we have established procedures, effective technology and excellent relationships with customs authorities to ensure your goods are delivered when expected.

Our core strengths include handling documentation, procurement and processing in various fields. We manage all the documentation required and can initiate the clearance process before goods are in transit to speed up the clearance of consignments more efficiently. We can clear most types of shipments, major or minor, for/from across the globe due to our years of expertise and vast exposure in this field. We have a strong rapport with Vessels Agents Worldwide and are capable of collecting cargo from any country.

Specialised in Customs Clearance of
  • Import Consignments by Sea
  • Export Consignments by Sea
  • Import/ Export between companies with the relationship between Buyer & Sellers
  • Bonding / Ex-Bonding of Consignments
  • Personnel unaccompanied baggage
  • Project Clearances